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QUIZ BOWL 6 NOW on YouTube

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The 6th Quiz Bowl was recorded on Dec. 6, 2015.  The editing process was finished last week.   Using 5 sources (4 TV cameras with their own cards plus the feed into the Control Room at GCTV) for the pictures, it was a little complicated to do the editing.

You are invited to watch the entire program or just a part of the program.   The program runs for 46 minutes and about 17 seconds.

The students on both teams performed very well.  We were also fortunate to have a very good TV crew for the “shoot.”

We are aware of the fact that the production of Quiz Bowl 6 is not perfect.  We try to improve the technical aspects of the production each time we record a new quiz bowl.

“PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF GOOD”   OR   “The best is the enemy of good”

We are now planning for a QUIZ BOWL 7.  The format well be changed to reflect the format used with the National Quiz Bowls held throughout the U. S.

The GCTV YouTube LINK:


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