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“No Ordinary Time” by Doris Kearns Goodwin BOOK REVIEW

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“No Ordinary Time” won the PULITZER PRIZE for History in 1995.

This is a large book to read but it is written very well.   Ms. Goodwin goes into GREAT detail on the lives of FDR and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ms. Goodwin gives the reader a kind of “look behind the curtains” of events in the World War Two time period.   She goes into DETAIL on the health and life routines of the President.   FDR did NOT always deal with 100% of the truth in relations with his wife or other countries and their leaders.   Ms. Goodwin reminds us that probably 90% of the American people DID NOT realize that the President could not walk on his own power.   FDR called himself a very good actor masking the fact that he could not walk.   Near the end of his life, he did not have the strength to carry on the act.   You will read about FDR’s poor health as he starts his 4th term and goes to an important meeting at YALTA.   I use to tell my students that FDR was half dead, at times, during the Yalta Conference (POOR HEALTH).

The reader will see the interesting interaction of FDR with Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Harry Hopkins, and many others.

Ms. Goodwin does not completely cover the topics of Mrs. Roosevelt’s female friends and FDR’s relations with a number of smart and attractive women.

This book will take a little time and effort to complete but it will be worth the time and effort.

MY Humble Rating out of 10 would be 9 to 10 minus (rather good).

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Written by joelmp98

June 7, 2013 at 7:58 PM