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UP-DATE 4th GHS vs. DHHS Quiz Bowl is scheduled for Nov. 23, 2014

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11-14-2014  UP-DATE  of an earlier posting 

      QUIZ BOWL GHS vs. Hand

eagle with flag behind-4th Q B-PIXIR VER.

WE HAVE A FOURTH QUIZ BOWL SCHEDULED for SUNDAY Nov. 23rd, 2014.   The match will be recorded at GCTV from 12 noon to about 2 pm.

ANYONE INTERESTED in being a VOLUNTEER should contact >>

YOU MAY E-MAIL me  C/O GCTV Ms. Shannon Gale is the Operations Manager of GCTV-she could send your information to me OR e-mail  GCTV  Telephone  203-453-8453  GCTV has limited hours of operation but does have an answering machine (that does not get checked every day).   SHANNON is NOT producing this show–I am producing it, SO PLEASE JUST GIVE HER YOUR CONTACT INFO. she will not have the time to have long discussions with you-Shannon has many tasks to do for GCTV.   I will try to answer all of your questions after I receive your contact information.   GCTV is not the producer of this show-I am. GCTV OFFICE HOURS: Mondays 2-5 pm  Tuesdays 2:30 – 8:30 pm Thursdays 3-8 pm  SUNDAYS 12 to 4 pm. PLEASE excuse any major typos….

Volunteers wanted and needed.

This is an up-dated post 11-14-2014

SB collage  3rd QB(1)3rd quiz bowlwpid-Uncle-Sam-I-want-you.jpg


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July 14, 2014 at 9:35 AM

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