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LINCOLN’S BOYS by Joshua Zeitz (2014) Book Review

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This is NOT a book about Lincoln’s children.   It is about his two trusted secretaries  (today the titles of Chief of Staff, Advisor to the President, or press secretary may be used) John Hay and John Nicolay.   After the Civil War John Hay became a wealthy man by way of marriage he also went on to be Sec. of State under Presidents McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.   John Hay and John Nicolay took 15 years to write a 10 volume book about Abraham Lincoln.   Both men were very LOYAL to President Lincoln.   They were not too loving of Mary Lincoln.   It took me about a month to finish reading this book.   It is NOT what is called a ‘page turner’.   However, the book gives a good view of how these two men understood and loved Abraham Lincoln.

This is a WELL WRITTEN book with many INTERESTING facts and stories about Abraham Lincoln.

JOEL’s HUMBLE RATING   9 plus to 10  (10 being the highest rating)


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March 27, 2014 at 8:18 PM

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