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WHERE WERE YOU 50 YEARS AGO on Friday NOV. 22, 1963?

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If you were born at a time you may remember Nov. 22, 1963  (about 1:15 pm e.s.t)–Where were you and what do you remember about Nov. 22, 1963?

What I remember of my day Friday Nov. 22, 1963:

I was a very young first year teacher in a small town in Michigan near Lake Huron.   We were  getting ready to conduct one of our history classes in the afternoon and a young male student (named Maurice) came running into my classroom and said, “Mr. Parker the president has been shot”.   I told Maurice that was NOT funny.   Maurice said, “Mr. Parker if I am lying I will cut off my head” ( or words to that affect).   We turned on the television in the classroom and saw and heard that Maurice was correct.   Not all classrooms had tv’s  so students from other classrooms drifted into my classroom.

I ALSO remember Nov. 22, 1963 because after school I went to the hospital in BAD AXE (real name), Michigan with pneumonia.   The elder doctor (Dr. McCoy) who worked on me said that he was a friend of President Kennedy (and the doctor was rather upset).

What is your story (if you are old enough)?

JFK before the shooting

JFK before the shooting


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