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We recorded this program on March 30, 2013.   It was recorded at GCTV in Guilford, Ct.   We had excellent cooperation from Shannon Gale the Operations Manager of GCTV.  The program runs about 38 minutes and 14 seconds.   As someone once said, “PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF GOOD”.   Our program is far from perfect but for a 1st try it was more than adequate.   We are aware that there was too much screen time for the questions rather than the students.   In a 3 page critique, I have pointed out to those involved in the competition the positive and negative factors in the recording of the match.   Pictures with a GREEN SCREEN in the background do not look that way in the broadcast.

LINK: >>>
DSCN2721DSCN2736ABOVE: The Team from Daniel Hand
DSCN2750DSCN2759DSCN2694Mike Lorello working the Game Board &
Keeping Score
DSCN2745DSCN2744DSCN2763DSCN2703DSCN2743cameraman   animated



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April 29, 2013 at 6:17 PM

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