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THOMAS JEFFERSON THE ART OF POWER (2012) by Jon Meacham Book Review

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This book took me about two weeks to finish reading it.   I usually finish a book within a few days.   It does not seem to encourage the reading of many chapters at one sitting.   Jon Meacham DOES DEAL WITH MANY INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THOMAS JEFFERSON THAT I DID NOT KNOW.   I did not know that under stress (such as being President) he had VERY BAD headaches.   There are MANY interesting facts and stories about Thomas Jefferson in this book.   YES, it was worth it to stick with this book and to finish reading it.

YES, I recommend this book.

MY HUMBLE RATING: Based on the information in this book I rate it 9 plus out of 10.

Based on the style of writing, I rate this book 8 plus out of 10.Jon Meacham's  book Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power


Written by joelmp98

February 19, 2013 at 2:36 PM

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