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Possible Presidential Electoral Map for 2012

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President Obama could possibly win the Election of 2012 if he wins in the following states:

California=55, New York=29, Illinois=20, Florida=29,VIRGINIA=13,Minn.=18, Michigan=16, Penn.=20, OHIO=18, Ct.=7,

Mass.=11, Washington (state)=12, NORTH CAROLINA=15,Washington, D.C.=3, New Jersey=14=280

NEEDED TO WIN=270 Electoral Votes  ** (President Obama should also win in DELAWARE-Joe Biden=3 el. votes)

If Mitt Romney does not improve as a candidate, President Obama may win even a larger electoral vote count.

We must remember “President Thomas Dewey” in 1948 (Truman won the election).   We will not know the winner for sure until the votes are counted.


Written by joelmp98

September 14, 2012 at 4:14 PM

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