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This humble little blog Endorses President Obama for Re-Election

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Like ALL of us, President Obama is not perfect.   He has disappointed me about all the past talk of HOPE and CHANGE.   The culture of Washington, D. C. and the Election of 2012 does not seem to be full of HOPE and CHANGE.   Instead BOTH parties try to tear down the Republican and Democrat candidates for President.   I do understand that John Kerry was “swift-boated” and he did not fight back hard enough.   John Kerry looked and sounded like a wimp according to the Republicans.   Interesting FACT John Kerry served in Viet Nam with honor.   Elections going back to the 1700’s have had their dirt.   Now with our technology it is a higher form of art.

WHY cannot a simple law be PASSED that would REQUIRE campaign ads to be basically TRUE with the statements and facts dealt with.   ALL political ads should have their actual sponsors made public.   I know that we have the first amendment to our Constitution.   However, it is still illegal and wrong to falsely YELL FIRE in a crowded theater.   Libel and Slander are still wrong and illegal.

The choice between Mitt Romney and President Obama is not a difficult one.   President Obama is well versed in foreign affairs, I do not think Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney are well versed in foreign and military affairs.   President Obama was dealt a very difficult situation in 2009.   Ford (did not take a bail-out) and General Motors are doing just fine.   Job growth is too slow but it is better than it was in 2009.   The stock market has GREATLY improved since 2009.   I do think that President Obama should be given a 2nd term.

Just a few random thoughts in a modest little blog.   This little blog has been seen in various parts of the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Written by joelmp98

September 9, 2012 at 9:48 PM

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