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President Obama, what happened to HOPE & CHANGE?

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I voted for you in 2008.   We bought into your change and hope slogans.   It appears little has changed.   Congress and the Executive Branch have not been working smoothly.   Why is the 60% vote needed in the Senate on big issues?   Why is your campaign of 2012 not filled with hope and change.   Many of your campaign ads do not set a high example-mudslinging is the example.   We realize that politics is not “soft-ball” but do you have to play it the way you are doing it?   Why not CLEARLY outline the advantages to your health care plan?

There is not much choice in November of 2012.   I do not want Mitt Romney to win.

SHOW some pride and campaign with some dignity.


Written by joelmp98

July 15, 2012 at 9:55 AM

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