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12th TV Program: John F. Kennedy the 35th President

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1st Kennedy/Nixon televised debate in 1960 (Sept. 26, 1960).

In 1960, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy debated four times on national television. This picture was taken at their first TV debate.

We are now working on our 12th TV program.   It deals with John F. Kennedy early in life and as President.   We have a about 60 to 70 minutes of tape that was recorded 3-27-2012.   The next step will be reviewing the un-edited tape to determine if editing is needed and if so where it is needed.   The final version will be put through the software called FINAL CUT if editing is done.   It is possible that the program (if acceptable) will be or may be ready for local broadcasting within one or two weeks.


Written by joelmp98

March 29, 2012 at 6:24 PM

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