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BOOK REVIEW of INNOCENT (2010) by Scott Turow

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More than 20 years after the verdict in the book Presumed Innocent, Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto go against each other in another case.   In this story 60 year old Rusty Sabich is the Chief Judge in a Court of Appeals.   Newly married Tommy Molto is the acting PA.   The story in INNOCENT deals with the death of Rusty Sabich’s wife.   A new twist in this book–Rusty has a son (Nat) who became a lawyer.   There are many twists and turns in the story-some a little thin.   In the case that you may wish to read this book, it would not be fair to say too much about the story.

I did enjoy reading this book (within a few days).

MY RATING:   A GOOD summer read—between 7 & 8.

Written by joelmp98

June 12, 2010 at 12:22 AM


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