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Trivia/Fact Quiz for May 31, 2010

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1. In the 1953 movie Shane, who played Shane?

2. In the 1993 movie Schindler’s List, who played Oskar Schindler?

3. In the 1997 film As Good as it Gets, who played Melvin Udall?

4. In the 1987 movie Fatal Attraction, who played Alex Forrest?

5. In the 2009 movie Blind Side, who played Michael Oher?

6.  He served as producer, regular panelist, and later as moderator of MEET THE PRESS.   [from 1947 t0 1975]   He was the co-creator of Meet the Press with Martha Roundtree.   Who was this man?


Written by joelmp98

June 1, 2010 at 1:13 AM

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