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Word QUIZ for May 1, 2010

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1.  chargrin  2. amenable   3.  paradigm  4.  puerile  5. anachronism

6.   abeyance   7. rapacious   8. innocuous   9. gossamer  10. propitiate

A. silly in a childish way, immature

B. a short suspension

C. greedy in an aggressive way

D. humiliation, embarrassment, or disappointment

E. a good example that shows how something should work

F.  a person, place, thing, or idea whose time has past

G. responsive to suggestion

H. something light, flimsy, and delicate

I. to win over

J. completely harmless; not offensive


Written by joelmp98

May 1, 2010 at 10:48 PM

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