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PLAY REVIEW “Compulsion”

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Anne & Margot Frank, 1933

We saw this play today (Feb. 21, 2010) at the YALE Repertory Theatre in New Haven, Ct.   This play’s top stars are Mandy Patinkin and Hannah Cabell.   In the lead, Mr. Patinkin plays Mr. Silver.   Mr. Sliver has a compulsion to get his version of Anne Frank’s Diary to play on Broadway and to become a movie.   At times, Mr. Patinkin raises his voice too strongly and appears to overplay his part.   Generally, he is very good at the part he plays.   The sound system is not good in the back section (not cheap seats) of the theatre .   It was hard to hear some of the dialogue.   The play made use of puppets.   We happened to be seated next to MATT ACHESON the puppet designer and supervisor.   He was a friendly and interesting young man.   Have you ever seen a puppet open a newspaper?   One of the puppets opened a newspaper.   The play still needs some polishing.   It was a good experience seeing this play.   If it does well in Connecticut and California, the play may go to Broadway.

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February 22, 2010 at 2:58 AM

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