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Breach of Security-White House Party Crashers 11/24/2009

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On Nov. 24, 2009, two well dressed people slipped PAST security and entered Pres. Obama’s 1st State Dinner (for the leader of India).   Early reports say that a uniformed policeman let the couple passed an early check point after seeing that they were NOT on the official guest list–it is reported that this officer thought they would be dealt with at another check point.   The woman actually went through the receiving line and shook hands with President Obama.   The couple did have to pass by bomb checking equipment and other security equipment.

It is hoped that security measures will be IMPROVED.   One only has to think of Pres. Lincoln, President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and other major incidents in past history and the conditions that exist TODAY.

President Obama is our FIRST Black President and should be given extra protection and security.   He appears to have detractors on TV, newspapers, and the Internet.   It is true, ALL Presidents have been subject to severe criticism-including Washington, Lincoln,  Kennedy, Carter, Nixon, Reagan, and Bill Clinton (Lincoln  & Kennedy were killed–Reagan was shot).

I feel that the OFFICE of President should be respected.   However, if a large majority of Congress and the American people feel strongly that the President should be removed from office-it can/may be done peacefully and legally.   The House of Rep. may impeach a President and the Senate may convict/expel a president.   However, impeachment should not be attempted for“light and transient causes” [words from the Declaration of Independence].   One can look-up the attempted impeachment & conviction of Pres. Andrew Johnson.   The allegations and charges were not strong enough nor serious enough to justify removal from office by the Senate.   Bill Clinton was involved in the Monica Lewinsky Affair.   Initially he lied about the affair.   MANY men or women would have done the same under similar conditions.   However, does anyone really think that this justified Clinton’s removal from office.   Clinton should not be praised for his actions during the affair.   To my limited knowledge, there is no real evidence that during the affair with Ms. Lewinsky Pres. Clinton was not able to fully carry out his duties as President.   Another option for our country would be to not elect a President to a 2nd term of office-if his actions were thought to be inappropriate or illegal.


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