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Trivia/Fact Quiz for Nov. 1, 2009

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Joel’s For Fun Trivia/Fact Quiz for Nov. 1, 2009

1.This battle of October 1777 is called ‘the turning point of the American Revolution’.   This battle was a major defeat for the British and helped to bring aid (for the revolution) from France.

2. What was the first Constitution of the new United States called [1781-1787]?

3. What was the name of the rebellion in Massachusetts in 1786?   Farmers were losing their property for not being able to pay taxes.   Even Samuel Adams called for strong action against the rebels.

4. In what city was the Constitution (of today) written in 1787?

5. Who was the presiding officer at the Constituutional Convention of 1787?

6. This famous man from Virginia did not attend the Constitutional Convention of 1787 because he said, he “smelled a rat” ?

7. This small state was the first to ratify the Constitution in Dec. of 1787.

8. How many ARTICLES (parts-not amendments) does the United States Constitution have?

9. Born in the West Indies, he became  President Washington’s famous Sec. of the Treasury.

10. The Louisiana Purchase was made during his time as President.Animated Bald_eagle  front view


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