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See one of Joel’s TV Programs on the Internet

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My program, The Unelected President-Gerald R. Ford can now be seen on VIMEO VIDEOS (on the Internet).   The program runs about 53 minutes and includes a trivia type quiz and a short Pet Peeves segment.   The show traces Gerald Ford’s early life and his rise in politics.   This is not my best program but it is very acceptable.

To see it-do an Internet Search for Vimeo Videos–next– (after you have Vimeo on your screen) type in The Unelected President-Gerald R. Ford  (by Joel Parker)as the video you are looking for—–if you have trouble with that method:

Do an Internet Search for —

It is hoped that you can view the program in parts or the whole program at one time.

The Ford program being recorded.

The Ford program being recorded.

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September 19, 2009 at 3:51 PM

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