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Open Letter to President Obama

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Dear Mr. President:

   I think it is time you drop the campaign mode and take specific political positions.   For instance, if you are really for a public option for your health care plan–do not dance around the topic.   Fight for the public option.   The Democrats have a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress.   OUTLINE what you think is essential and tell the American people in SPECIFIC terms ( in plain English ) what your plan may look like.

   If there is a public option-Will it be for all?–[even those who do not qualify for Social Security like many retired teachers in Connecticut].   Perhaps, you should take on fewer serious issues your first year.   Health Insurance and the Economy should be top priorities.   Taking care of our veterans should also be a top priority.   National Defense and protection of the U. S. is also rather important.

   Do not use up all of your “political capital” going after projects that you cannot accomplish your first year.   Laying the groundwork for such things as improving our tax system and carrying out your MANY campaign promises (or at least trying to) should be taking place.   Ronald Reagan could only speak well when he was reading a speech from a telepromter—do not fall into that as a habit.   Important speeches require a telepromter-I understand that.   It is said that politics is the art of compromise-maybe so.   However, taking some firm stands is also a good idea.

   We wish you the best of luck.flagusa   animated


Written by joelmp98

August 20, 2009 at 1:03 AM

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